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07 September 2018

A mental health campaigner at conference and two members of the CP editorial advisory board reveal new books, plus the latest member news.

Speaking up for dads

In July, my book Daddy blues was published. It tells my story about dealing with postnatal depression as a father. My wife, Michelle, had to go through an emergency C-section, something that neither her or I were told about beforehand, and seeing her go through something so traumatic was one of the worst things I’ve experienced. To this day, I can still see the medical instruments they used to cut into her.

Michelle fell into postnatal depression, and it was left to me to take care of everything, despite showing symptoms of the very same illness. But I was never asked how I was, not by the nurses who came to check on Michelle, or by my friends or family. Men’s mental health just wasn’t spoken about.

After going through hell and coming out the other end, I knew I had to talk about this. A recent analysis of more than 9000 clinic visits found that the number of fathers who experienced postnatal depression (4.4%) was nearly as high as mothers (5%) (Cheng et al, 2018). From speaking to fathers all around the nation, I know this to be true. Fathers need help in the same way mothers do, which is why I founded International Fathers’ Mental Health Day (18 June), as well as the #HowAreYouDad campaign, which seeks to help men talk about what they’re going through.

My hope is to continue to open conversation around this topic and to make fathers feel more comfortable in opening up about their feelings.

Mark Williams is the founder of Fathers Reaching Out and will be speaking at the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference on paternal mental health with Dr Andrew Mayers.

Supporting students

Are you a health visitor who supports undergraduate nursing students? If so, a book chapter we have written will prove an ideal resource. Universal screening and the role of the health visitor is aimed at undergraduate children’s nursing students, but it’s applicable to all undergraduate pre-registrants and to registrants embarking on the SCPHN programme. Our chapter appears in Essentials of nursing children and young people, edited by Jayne Price and Orla McAlinden.

Mandy Brimble is a children’s nurse, HV and senior lecturer at Cardiff University
Sarah Reddington-Bowes is a nurse, midwife, practice teacher and HV.


NHS pay update

Many members have had further questions about the NHS pay deal of late, so Unite have brought together the answers in one place.

Get the answers here.

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Melanie Farman via Twitter @melanie_farman

Informative article in @CommPrac from @sazka14 @trunts about how they have worked with @BetterStartBpl to transform Blackpool’s #healthvisiting #model #eightvisits #AgendaMatching improving outcomes for children and families.

Paul Galdas via Twitter @PaulGaldas

Lovely paper and a good teaching resource for nurses. Would like to see more papers bringing together religious studies and nursing practice @caro_starkey