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05 June 2018

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter advises you on how to fund your attendance at the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference.

Sarah Carpenter

You can’t beat the feeling when hundreds of community practitioners get together to talk, learn, share and (sometimes) sing – and that is why the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference is such a valuable experience.

This year, the conference is taking place in Bournemouth from 17 to 18 October (after the Unite-CPHVA AGM on 16 October), and will ensure delegates are up to date on all the key professional and industrial issues.

There are many options for help with funding for tickets, either from Unite branches or your employer and make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to take part.


Funding support from your employer

Gain managerial approval to go to conference with these points: 

  • I’ll have access to a dedicated conference programme aimed at community practice
  • I’ll be able to network and share experiences with CPs from across the UK and bring back transferable information to develop our work
  • It will support revalidation, with best-practice workshops, plenary sessions and masterclasses
  • I’ll hear policy updates on the latest regulatory challenges
  • I’ll bring back useful insights to share with the rest of the team
  • Early discount tickets are available until 29 June, saving more than £100, so the earlier I book the more can be saved. And there are discounts for booking in groups.

Ask for time off to attend, as well as funding – you may not get both, but it is always worth asking.


Funding from Unite branches

It might be possible to get financial support from your Unite branch too, especially if you attend their branch meetings, or keep in touch with what the branch is doing. Each branch has funds that can be used where it considers appropriate, and supporting members to attend the professional conference could be something that they could consider.

If you don’t know the details of your local Unite branch secretary, your local regional office will be able to help you out. You can then get in touch and outline what the conference is about and the support you are seeking (the bullet points in the centre will help). A good plan is to ask for something that can be evidenced with a receipt – such as the cost of a ticket, travel or accommodation – so the branch can keep an accurate record of how members’ money is spent.

The request is best made in writing to the branch secretary and then followed up by attending the next branch meeting, where the decision will be made. Regular attendance at branch meetings will certainly help the branch to understand your role, as well as the excellent opportunities at conference, and they will be more likely to help with funding.

You should also report back after the event, and share as much information as you can. You could consider making this request individually, or as a group, and if you have a Unite-CPHVA local accredited representative (LAR) in your team it would be a good idea for them to make the request, as they are likely to know the branch officers. And if no-one in your team is an LAR, perhaps now is a good time for someone to step up to the role! 


Register Now

Registration for the event is now open, and ‘early bird’ tickets are available until 29 June. Prices* start at £123 for students, community nursery nurses and school nurses, and £205 for other Unite-CPHVA members. Check out all the details at cphvaconference.co.uk

*All prices exclude VAT

Picture Credit | Sam Kerr