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The CPHVA Education and Development Trust is recruiting up to three new trustees, and is looking for people with a financial or professional background. Suitable candidates will:

  • Understand the role of community nursing and its public health contribution
  • Understand the role and responsibility of being a trustee of a registered charity
  • Have experience of committee work
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be impartial, fair and able to respect confidences
  • Bring additional skills, knowledge, ideas and experiences to the committee.


About the trust

The CPHVA Education and Development Trust was set up in 1997 with a bequest from Dr Ian MacQueen, a vice president and trustee of the former Health Visitors’ Association (HVA). He believed that health visitors make a vital contribution to the nation’s health and wanted to support their work.

The Trust registered as the CPHVA Charitable Trust but changed its name in 2004 to reflect its main work – giving awards for excellence in practice and education, and supporting the development of practice. The charity funds several awards and bursaries for CPHVA members, including:

  • £20,000 every year for research or professional/academic study to enhance public health practice
  • 10 tickets to the annual CPHVA professional conference for the newly qualified or those who have not attended conference before
  • Travel bursaries of up to £2000 for public health work abroad
  • Best poster prizes at the Unite/CPHVA annual professional conference worth £125 each. The role of trustees

The trust currently has seven trustees and a professional officer. The administration of the awards is delegated to the professional advisory committee, which reports to the trustees.

The trustees usually meet four times a year – at the AGM during the CPHVA professional conference, once in London, and two other times by teleconference.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, send vice-chair Kitty Lamb a brief outline of your background and the benefits you feel you could bring to the trust at kittylamb1@live.com. The closing date for applications is 31 May 2018.

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Could you be the next member we're looking for?...

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