CPHVA Executive: touching base

11 January 2018

Welcome to the first of new, regular updates from the CPHVA Executive.

Hello and best wishes from the CPHVA executive. During 2018 we will be keeping you informed here about the CPHVA work plan. The work plan is formulated at the AGM and the professional conference of Unite-CPHVA. Based on delegate suggestion and discussion, its purpose is to tackle the challenges and pursue the opportunities members meet in their practice. We will also ask you for your experience and wisdom – as it is your innovation, evidence base and experience that ensure our work is informed.


Get involved

Last year we had a successful day at the House of Commons, when a 100-strong group of health visitors, school nurses, and community nursery nurses lobbied MPs to raise the issues facing the public health workforce and the stark impact of cuts on the most vulnerable in society. We hope to make this event even bigger in 2018, and we will inform you here of our plans and how you can get involved. Together with the membership we hope to energise, educate and empower the workforce and our clients into 2018. 

Carrie Grant

Welcome to Carrie

A big welcome our new CPHVA honorary president Carrie Grant, broadcaster, presenter and vocal coach. Carrie is the patient lead for the College of Medicine, an ambassador for three charities, and actively campaigns for change in healthcare systems. She also sits on the largest transforming care panel in the UK for mental health and learning disabilities.


Main challenge

While Northern Ireland acknowledges public health as the foundation of a healthy society, and has policy that reflects this, it still faces the challenge of forming a government. Meanwhile, practitioners in other administrations are experiencing their own national challenges. The impact of austerity on public health budgets, a reduction in staff and down-banding are most common in England. While Scotland and Wales face the challenge of more SCPHNs being required to fulfil aspirations of a proactive public health agenda. This is all set against the high expectation of communities, who hope that their practitioners
can deliver.

To get involved, engage in the work plan, or share any of your thoughts and ideas, please check out the executive page or contact your regional chairs (cphva@unitetheunion.org, or see below for individual email details).

The CPHVA Executive is the elected body representing the 10 Unite regions, plus the CPHVA organising professional committees. Members are public health nurses who give their time to the committee on a voluntary basis. They are:

Janet Taylor (chair) 

Asha Day (vice chair)
East Midlands 

Sarah Reddington-Bowes (vice chair)
South West

Annette Holliday

Elaine Baptiste
London & Eastern 

Sujata Mahendran
London & Eastern 

Louise Hales
Northern Ireland0

Michelle Moseley 

Neil Barnham
West Midlands 

Susan Black 
North West 

Tracey Young 
South East

Claire Elwell 
North East, Yorkshire & Humberside; school nursing

Stella Mann
Comm. nursery nurses

Maggie Coates


Picture credit | Alamy