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Rights at work: pension review at critical point

Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe, Unite national officer for health, looks through the impending NHS pension review and what trade unions are asking for.

Janet Conference

Feedback: awards and activity

Members of the CPHVA executive share highlights of 2018, Mary Seacole winners are announced, and a conference MacQueen Bursary award winner offers a reflection.

It’s your turn…

The CPHVA Education and Development Trust is pleased to announce the MacQueen Bursaries for 2018-19 are open. There are currently two categories of bursary for Unite-CPHVA members:

The big question: how can we highlight the value of the public health nursing team?

This month we ask: How can we highlight the value of the public health nursing team?

Feedback: conference special 2018

What did you take away from the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference this year? We spoke to some of you to find out…

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Conference one-to-one: how are you, dad?

International campaigner for fathers’ mental health Mark Williams shares his story of coming through depression following the birth of his son, and how this experience inspired his fight to raise awareness and bring about change.

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Getting serious about staffing

James Lazou, research officer at Unite, considers the prospect of a long-term NHS workforce plan.

NHS pay – one step at a time

The basic pay journey of NHS staff has had a reset. Sarah Carpenter, Unite’s head of health, asks how the new framework for pay progression affects you.

October feedback

Knife crime, soap operas and selfies: your views on what we’ve been up to.

The big question: do you see a positive future for specialist community public health nurses (SCPHNs)?

Kathryn Waldegrave and Lisa Webster discuss whether or not they see a positive future for specialist community public health nurses (SCPHNs).

24 hours with Louise Wolstenholme

Louise is a health visitor and practice teacher within the 0-19 service at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, working in Roma health.

The big question: why go to conference?

Michelle Moseley, Gavin Fergie and Maggie Coates give their view on why you should go to conference.

Latest member news

A mental health campaigner at conference and two members of the CP editorial advisory board reveal new books, plus the latest member news.

Voice of a student: 'fear prevents men from becoming HVs'

Health visiting was a breath of fresh air after the clinical side of nursing. It felt similar to voluntary work, except now I was learning something new every day.

Rights at work: not playing the blame game

The new Just culture guide should help staff to be open, to learn and to feel fairly treated, says Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter.

The big question: the NHS at 70. What's your view?

Three members of the public offer their views on the NHS at 70, professionally and personally.

The MacQueen Bursary award

The MacQueen Bursary award enables attendance at the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference 2018 (in Bournemouth on 17 and 18 October).