Sex education overhaul

Sex education is being reformed as part of the development of a new curriculum due to be rolled out across schools and settings in Wales in 2022.

Curious children do better in maths and reading

Curious children are better able to grasp basic maths and reading, a study has suggested.

Northern Ireland: health strategy – a new way forward

A long-term strategy for Northern Ireland’s health and social care workforce has been unveiled, alongside investment into nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals in the province.

England: Labour plans extra HV check for babies

Labour would introduce an additional health visitor check for babies at three to four months if elected, the shadow health secretary has announced.

Scotland: HV vacancy rates on the rise

‘The SNP should come clean about progress on this target and explain how it’s going to secure the additional 500 health visitors it promised’

England: help for children of alcoholics

200,000 The number of children with alcohol-dependent parents who could benefit from the new measures

Wales: health boards overspend by £163m

Four health boards will have overspent by a total of almost £163m at the end of this financial year.

Wales: a quarter of four- and five-year-olds are obese or overweight

Up to 25% of children aged four and five in Wales are obese or overweight.

UK: HPV vaccine proves safe and effective

An independent review of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine routinely given to teenage girls has shown that the vaccine is safe and helps prevent cervical cancer.

Scotland: ADHD survey reveals inadequate support for families

37,000 children in Scotland are estimated to have ADHD, but only around 5000 receive any treatment

Wales: make children’s mental health a national priority, says assembly committee

Schools need preventative measures to support children’s mental health, a new report from the Welsh Assembly has found.