News in numbers: March / April 2022

18 March 2022

A breakdown of recent community health news, in numbers. Download the PDF, here

84% of the 110,123 respondents to a ‘Women’s health – let’s talk about it’ public survey said they had experienced instances of not being listened to by health professionals

100+ clinicians have signed a joint letter calling on NICE to reconsider and approve romosozumab – the first new drug in decades to treat osteoporosis – for use in England and Wales. Romosozumab is already approved for use in Scotland, Northern Ireland and much of Europe

6% of IVF births in the UK in 2019 were multiples – the lowest rate ever, and down from a high of 28% in the 1990s

390,000+ babies have been born in the UK thanks to IVF treatment since figures started to be recorded in 1991

100% of the adverts from 60 women’s health companies were rejected on Facebook and Instagram over the last three years, because they were classified as ‘adult products’. They covered subjects such as menopause, pelvic pain, menstrual health and fertility

No.1 The biggest killer of women globally is cardiovascular disease. The biggest global cancer killer of women aged 20 to 59 is breast cancer

99% of all of the c. 287,000 maternal deaths annually occur in developing countries


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