Wales: Improving the wellbeing of unpaid carers

10 January 2022

Unpaid carers have markedly poorer health than the general population, researchers at Public Health Wales and Swansea University found.

The proportion of individuals diagnosed with a long-term condition was higher among unpaid carers than non-carers, for instance.

The association between caring and poor health was evident irrespective of deprivation.

Anxiety and/or depression – the most commonly diagnosed long-term condition in general – was 1.8 times higher among unpaid carers. 

Over three in 10 unpaid carers were living with multiple long-term conditions.

Being in secure employment or education, however, was associated with greater wellbeing for unpaid carers. 

Claire Morgan, director of Carers Wales, said: ‘We need to see investment to restore community services that carers rely on, wider adoption of flexible working practices that support carers to remain in employment and better systematic data collection.’

Image credit | Shutterstock