Northern Ireland: Annual health snapshot of 16+ population

10 January 2022

In the latest Health Survey (NI), carried out annually since 2010/11, 79% of people described their health as being ‘good’ or ‘very good’, although 41% reported having a longstanding physical or mental health condition.

The number of those with a longstanding condition increased with age, from 27% of those aged 16 to 24 to 69% of those 75 and over.

Over the past year, 38% of respondents reported having concerns about their own mental health – a significantly higher figure than in 2018/19 (27%).

And just over a quarter of respondents showed signs of loneliness by scoring highly on the UCLA loneliness scale.

While the sample size was 1408 people aged 16 and over, the response rate was impacted by Covid, confirmed the Department of Health. The survey moved from face-to-face to telephone, and had fewer people aged 16 to 44 and from the most deprived areas.

The results should therefore be looked at in the context of these factors.

Image credit | Shutterstock