Wales: ‘triple threat’ to health and equality

22 November 2021

A recent report by Public Health Wales (PHW) is ‘the first of its kind to study the cumulative impacts of Brexit, coronavirus and climate change together and their combined influences on health, wellbeing and inequalities in Wales’.

The report looks at the subsequent impacts, which include health, economic, social and security, mental wellbeing, environment and access to, and quality of, services.

Also highlighted is how this ‘triple challenge’ will affect people’s health behaviours, such as their diet, nutrition and alcohol consumption.

Liz Green at PHW said: ‘The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the complex, interwoven relationships between health, wellbeing, inequalities, the economy, the environment, and society as a whole.

‘In doing so, it has created new inequalities, but also exacerbated existing health inequalities.’ She said that this unprecedented triple challenge ‘must be tackled in a coordinated fashion’.