New advice to help the terminally ill’s final conversations

22 November 2021

A new guide for health professionals has been produced to support terminally ill parents in having conversations about end of life with their children.

As the guide states, ‘parents and carers with life-limiting illnesses often look to professionals for advice and reassurance on how to talk to their children about their condition’.

Dr Steve Marshall, a palliative care social worker and honorary senior lecturer at King’s College London, worked with more than 30 children and young people to create the booklet with Marie Curie.

‘I would say that 99% of the parents that I work with are totally on the right page and know what to say and what to do. They just need the reassurance […] that they’re doing the right things.’

Tips in the booklet include preparation, maintaining a routine, forward planning, using plain language and not giving false hope.