Scotland: more help for young families to eat healthily

20 September 2021

The Best Start Foods payment to low-income families was increased in August, in accordance with the promises made by the Scottish Government.

The payment helps families to buy healthy food for children under three, and is part of the government’s mission to eradicate child poverty.

The Best Start Foods payment has risen from £17 to £18 every four weeks during pregnancy and for children between one and three years old. For children under one, it has increased from £34 to £36 every four weeks. Best Start Foods is part of a package of five family payments provided by Social Security Scotland, and is made on a pre-paid card. Families can use the card to buy healthy food such as milk, fruit and vegetables. The payments began in December 2018.

Social security minister Ben Macpherson said: ‘It’s our priority to do everything within our power to eradicate child poverty across Scotland. Families in Scotland now have a unique package of payments that will help them as their child grows, and I encourage all families on low incomes to check what they are entitled to.’ 

Image credit | iStock