Wales: basic income scheme could improve health for all, says PHW

23 July 2021

Adopting a basic income scheme in Wales could be a catalyst for better health and wellbeing outcomes for all, a report published by Public Health Wales has suggested.

The report, A basic income to improve population health and well-being in Wales?, assesses evidence and different approaches to policy design and implementation.

Potential positive effects on health included reductions in child poverty, improved educational attainment, a higher standard of living for those more likely to be in lower paid jobs, greater food security, better nutrition and fewer hospital admissions.

Report author Adam Jones said: ‘Evidence suggests that members of society would benefit from an income that supports their health and wellbeing and allows them to contribute to society and flourish.

‘How well a basic income scheme works would certainly depend on how it’s designed and delivered.’

Image Credit | Shutterstock