News in numbers: July/August 2021

23 July 2021

A breakdown of recent community health news, in numbers. Download the PDF, here

9pm watershed  -  Adverts of foods high in fat, salt and sugar can only be shown from 9pm to 5.30am on TV (and UK on-demand programmes) from the end of next year.

There will also be new rules for online promotion (paid-for adverts), the government announced.

The new restrictions could remove up to 7.2 billion calories from children’s diets per year in the UK, which in time could reduce the number of obese children by more than 20,000

More than 2 million adults in England may have had long Covid, a study of more than 500,000 adults found.

Around 37% of those who self-reported Covid experienced at least 1 symptom for 12 weeks or more.

Almost 15% had 3 or more symptoms for at least 12 weeks.

Women were more likely to suffer, with increasing age a factor. The government has provided £50m for research 


Around 600,000 young people aged 18 to 25 in Scotland are set to benefit from free NHS dental care from the end of August, subject to parliamentary approval


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