England: HEE boosts clinical placements in 2021-22 by £15m

23 July 2021

Health Education England (HEE) has pledged extra funding to increase the number of placements offered to nursing, midwifery, allied health professional (AHP) and healthcare students from September 2021.

It is hoped that the increased number of placements will help HEE deliver sufficient numbers of skilled healthcare workers for the NHS of the future.

The £15m boost is in addition to the £180m spent each year by HEE on placements for around 120,000 nursing, midwifery and AHP students.

The funding will be allocated regionally to ensure it meets local demand, and will be used for extra supervision and coaching models to support growth.

Some of the money will be used to evaluate the quality, impact and value of this investment and consider capacity and funding options for the future.

Image Credit | Shutterstock