Duchess launches centre for early childhood to drive awareness and action

23 July 2021

The Duchess of Cambridge has launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood to drive awareness of, and action on, ‘the transformative impact of the early years’.

The aim of the centre is to ‘transform lives for generations to come’, the Duchess said in a video for the launch.

The centre will focus on three areas of activity: promoting and commissioning research; working with people across the private, public and voluntary sectors on new solutions; and campaigning to raise awareness and inspire action.

‘The cost of lost opportunity in early childhood is at least £16.13bn annually in England alone’

The centre’s first report, Big change starts small, is ‘a summary of decades of science on early childhood and research on why the early years matter. By bringing this body of evidence together, we hope to demonstrate the strategic importance of this vital issue to everybody.’

The report also revealed The Royal Foundation’s work with the London School of Economics, which calculated ‘the cost of lost opportunity in early childhood’ is at least £16.13bn annually in England alone.

Image credit | The royal foundation centre for early childhood