Northern Ireland: health minister details ambitions for rebuilding health

21 May 2021

In a keynote statement to the Assembly in mid-April, health minister Robin Swann laid out the plans for rebuilding Northern Ireland’s health service.

He repeatedly spoke about the need to address waiting times, which were ‘already appalling’ pre-Covid.

The minister said: ‘I am absolutely determined to put this right. But […] I cannot do this alone. I need the support of this house and my executive colleagues.’

He revealed upcoming public consultations on waiting times and cancer care.

He also spoke about more immediate trust-rebuilding plans for health and social care.

The minister recognised that ‘the executive has limited room for manoeuvre in budget terms’, with decisions ‘taken in London’.

But he said that he ‘cannot think of a more pressing issue facing us than waiting times’.

Image Credit | iStock