NMC consultation to modernise nursing education standards

21 May 2021

The NMC has launched a consultation on new draft education standards ‘to modernise community and public health nursing standards’ in the UK.

The standards, which set out the knowledge and skills needed to gain post-registration qualifications for SCPHN and specialist practice qualifications were last updated more than 15 years ago.

The NMC stated that the draft standards are ‘designed to support the innovation in practice that is already happening’ across the UK, and are ‘flexible enough to take account of future ambitions for care’.

Professor Geraldine Walters CBE, executive director of professional practice at the NMC, said: ‘Community and public health nursing has never been more important.’

Unite are encouraging nursing members to respond individually or collectively to the consultation, which is open until 2 August 2021.

Image Credit | iStock