News in numbers: May/June 2021

21 May 2021

A breakdown of recent community health news, in numbers. Download the PDF, here

60% of adults in Wales lacked basic digital knowledge and skills when the pandemic closed workplaces and schools

19% of people had no basic digital skills in 2018-19, higher than the rest of the UK

11% were ‘internet non-users’ – digitally excluded

Government solutions included an extra £3m for laptops and mobile internet for digitally excluded pupils, and 1100 devices for care homes

The WHO and Public Health Wales report aims to help close the health gap in Wales and beyond.

More than 1/2 of nearly 2000 Unite members aged 18 to 55 revealed a desire to change career sectors in a joint survey with FutureLearn

One of the 3 top industries they considered moving to was health.

7.2% of the adult population – about 3.7 million adults – felt lonely often or always between October 2020 and February 2021, found the Office for National Statistics. This is compared with 5% of adults in April to May 2020

Areas with more young people – aged 16 to 24 – and areas with higher rates of unemployment tended to have higher rates of loneliness

Of those whose wellbeing had been affected ‘in the last 7 days’ by the pandemic, 38.6% (about 10.5 million people) said it was due to loneliness

Young people and single people were most affected by the 7-day measure or ‘lockdown loneliness’.


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