Scotland: Government responds to UN call for urgent action on food insecurity and poverty

19 March 2021

The Scottish Government has welcomed a call from the United Nations (UN) for urgent action to tackle deepening food insecurity, poverty and injustice in the UK.

The UN special rapporteurs wrote to UK ministers last August about the increase in food insecurity and poverty in the UK, seeking a response within 60 days. The UN made the letter public in October.

The Scottish Government issued a position statement in February in response, outlining Scotland’s 
human rights approach to the challenges of food insecurity and poverty, including actions taken in response to Covid-19.

Communities secretary Aileen Campbell said: ‘The UN’s analysis has pointed to the systematic failings of the UK welfare system that have left people in hardship and crisis.’

The Scottish Government said it contributed to a draft UK response to the UN’s letter, but this had not yet been submitted.

Image credit | Getty