England: health workers face unequal COVID risk says Marmot review

19 March 2021

In his latest report, Sir Michael Marmot says England entered the pandemic in a poor state of health, with inequalities already rising.

England’s excess death rate linked to Covid-19 is the highest in Europe because of failures to control the pandemic coupled with the UK’s ‘lost decade’ in health.

Looking at occupation and mortality from Covid-19, Build back fairer: the Covid-19 Marmot review, states: ‘All the occupations with above-average mortality rates are lower paid and lower status.’ And that ‘the health and care workforce are particularly at risk, especially nursing and care staff’.

The report also says that ‘BAME groups are experiencing higher rates of mortality from Covid-19,’ and there is ‘evidence that the BAME workforce in highly exposed occupations are not being sufficiently protected with PPE and safety measures’.

Image credit | Shutterstock