Scotland: suicide prevention campaign to help save lives one step at a time

20 November 2020

A suicide prevention campaign has been launched by the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG).

The new campaign – United to Prevent Suicide – aims to help people have the confidence to talk openly and supportively about suicide.

It also encourages everyone in Scotland to sign up to it make a shared promise to take one step to help prevent suicide.

NSPLG member Public Health Scotland (PHS) said that 784 people died by suicide in Scotland in 2018, up from 680 in 2017.

PHS stated that suicide is a leading cause of death among young people, with men three times more likely to take their own lives compared with women. People living in Scotland’s poorest areas are most at risk.

George Dodds, director at PHS, said: ‘At any one time in Scotland around one in 25 people are contemplating suicide. Every day, tragically, two people die by suicide. But we believe that suicide is preventable.’

He continued: ‘The vision for the new campaign is of a Scotland where help and support is available to anyone contemplating suicide.’

He concluded: ‘It’s more important than ever to talk about suicide, and use the power of positive relationships and interactions with others to help save lives.’

Image credit | iStock