Public put NHS pay above waiting times, says report

20 November 2020

The British public say better NHS pay and working conditions are a greater priority than addressing their own needs, such as reduced waiting times, according to charity Engage Britain.

Waiting times and equal access were seen as important, but less so.

The charity also asked members of the public to rank a range of issues facing the UK in order of priority. The challenges faced by the health and care sector were the primary concern across all demographics – even above issues such as Covid-19, poverty and the environment.

There was a clear concern among those aged 18 to 34 to make mental health support a top priority.

Engage Britain director Julian McCrae said: ‘Despite the portrayal of a divided nation, whichever way we look at our data – whether that’s by age, gender, location or political allegiances – concern for health and care access is ranked number one.’