News in numbers: November/December 2020

20 November 2020

A breakdown of recent community health news, in numbers. Download the PDF, here

Almost 2 million people in England have had to wait more than 18 weeks for hospital treatment, NHS England data from August reveals. 111,026 people have had to wait more than 1 year – compared with just 1613 people in February 

8 years The average time those with endometriosis wait for a diagnosis in the UK – unchanged for a decade, according to an APPG survey.
The APPG report also reveals that before diagnosis, 58% saw their GP over 10 times with symptoms, 53% visited A&E, and 21% saw doctors in hospital 10 or more times

10x Family carers for children and adults with intellectual disabilities were up to 10 times more likely to report major depression in lockdown than other parents. More than 90% of carers were women.
They were also 5 times more likely to report severe anxiety, found the UK study led by Swansea University, which analysed 244 online surveys 

3% The overall reduction in sugar in food products sold between 2015 and 2019 – well below the target of 20% by 2020 – found a Public Health England report. The largest fall was in yogurts and breakfast cereals (around 13%), but there was hardly any change in the sugar content of eaten-out food


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