England: supporting children and families is a frontline activity

20 November 2020

Health visitors and school nurses should continue to support children and families over the winter and not be redeployed, says a letter from the Local Government Association, NHS and Public Health England to directors of nursing.

The letter said that ‘professionals supporting children and families’ should provide services in pregnancy and early years (0 to 19) and to the most vulnerable families.

‘Sustaining support for families needs to be a priority’, the signatories wrote, because of the significant indirect impact of Covid-19 on pregnant women, children, young people and families.

‘Sustaining support for families needs to be a priority’

This includes increases in safeguarding concerns, child and maternal mental health problems and lost learning time for children.

If exceptions arose, redeployment should be for the ‘shortest possible time’, the letter stated.

Image credit | iStock