England: Covid inequalities – still a gap in explanation for BAME communities

20 November 2020

The first quarterly report from the government’s Race Disparity Unit (RDU) on Covid-19 health inequalities has concluded that ‘a range of socioeconomic and geographical factors’ contribute to the higher infection and mortality rates for ethnic minority groups.

These factors include ‘occupational exposure, population density, household composition and pre-existing health conditions’, the publication said.

The RDU is liaising with universities and researchers to build the evidence base and to get a better understanding of what is driving these disparities.

One of the new expert advisers, Dr Raghib Ali, reportedly said that he’d seen no evidence of structural racism contributing to the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on BAME communities.

This is in contrast to the findings of Public Health England’s report in June.

A total of 13 recommendations were made in the RDU report.

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