Calls for pay justice made for NHS staff battling Covid-19

18 September 2020

Unite has joined with 13 other health unions and organisations in the campaign to demand that pay talks start as soon as possible out of respect for NHS staff who have battled Covid-19.

A 3.1% pay rise was announced in July by chancellor Rishi Sunak for around 900,000 public sector workers, including doctors, teachers and police officers.

However, Unite accused the chancellor of having ‘a selective memory’ regarding public sector pay, rewarding some, but ignoring hundreds of thousands of others.

NHS workers across the UK took part in socially distanced protests in August as part of the campaign.

‘Nursing staff and other health professionals have reacted with anger to being overlooked,’ said Unite national officer for health, Jackie Williams. ‘There will be a rolling campaign for NHS pay justice that will continue for the rest of the year.’