Scotland: more guidance to steer CPs through Covid-19 and beyond

22 July 2020

The Scottish Government has updated Covid-19 clinical guidance for community practitioners and allied health professionals to steer them through the ‘route map’ out of the crisis.

The update outlines guidance for priority visits and contacts during each of the route map phases. For instance, ‘essential face-to-face visits’ are increased to include the four-month and four- to five-year review in heath visiting.

As services change in line with the route map, the document highlights digital technology as a key area for health board planning.

It states that technology is likely to be part of the ‘new norm’ and that it is ‘essential staff have the digital technology’ such as ‘appropriate hardware, software and connectivity infrastructure’.

At the time of writing, further guidance on school nursing was due to be provided.

Image credit | iStock