One in four adults in the UK experience 'food insecurity'

22 July 2020

Around 25% of UK adults have struggled during the pandemic to access food they can afford, leaving them susceptible to hunger and potential malnutrition.

So says a survey of just over 1000 adults by Feeding Britain and Northumbria University’s Healthy Living Lab.

Nearly one in four adults looking after children have eaten less so they can feed the children in their household.

Meanwhile, half of all adults have tried to cope during the pandemic by purchasing less expensive food than usual. The figure rose to nine in 10 for those living in the least ‘food secure’ households.

Adults within this group are also the most likely to have used coping strategies such as planning meals more carefully, using foodbanks and sending children to eat elsewhere.

The report recommends tougher employment protections, a review of deductions from Universal Credit, and a year-round school meals programme.

Image credit | Shutterstock