Scotland: £1m funding for perinatal mental health

22 May 2020

New annual funding of up to £1m will be made available to charities from this August, to help the mental wellbeing of new families. 

The money will allow mothers, fathers and families at risk of poor mental health during pregnancy and the early years to access enhanced peer support, parenting support and perinatal counselling services.

Scotland’s perinatal and infant mental health fund will support third sector organisations to deliver key services and address gaps in provision. Inspiring Scotland will run the fund and will work with the Scottish Government.

‘The fund will allow one-to-one support for organisations to help provide the services that women and their families need across Scotland,’ said minister for mental health Clare Haughey.

Inspiring Scotland chief executive Celia Tennant added: ‘Charities across Scotland are doing essential work, and with the uncertainty caused by coronavirus, their work is more important now than ever.’

Image credit | Shutterstock