NMC call heard by more than 10,000 former workers

22 May 2020

In just three weeks, 10,823 former nurses, midwives and overseas registrants signed up to the NMC temporary register to fight Covid-19.

Having initially reached out to professionals who had voluntarily left their professions within the last three years, the NMC then invited those who had left within the last five years, and some nurses and midwives with overseas qualifications based in the UK.

The NMC’s chief executive and registrar Andrea Sutcliffe said: ‘To see almost 11,000 people join is truly phenomenal, and I’m very grateful to everyone who has answered our call.

‘These are difficult times but we really need the skill, care and compassion nurses and midwives bring to help keep the nation safe. Thank you so much.’

More than 22,000 students have joined in the response to Covid-19 through extended clinical placements.

Image credit | iStock