Wales: extra help for the hidden homeless

20 March 2020

A major new campaign to tackle hidden homelessness among young people has been launched by the Welsh Government.

The campaign aims to raise awareness that ‘homelessness doesn’t always live on the streets’ and is targeted at young people who may be at risk of homelessness or are already experiencing it.

Young people should receive the help and support they need as soon as possible, preventing homelessness from happening in the first place.

Research suggests people overwhelmingly connect homelessness with rough sleeping – but many young people experiencing homelessness are ‘sofa surfing’ or living in temporary or unsuitable accommodation.

Signs that someone might be secretly homeless include difficult family relationships, a reluctance to go home, problems with keeping clothes clean and seeking help with money.

Housing minister Julie James said: ‘We know young people often don’t know where to seek advice and support – so that’s why we’re launching this new campaign. It’s never too late or too early to get help.’ 

Image credit | iStock