Whistleblowers to improve NHS workplace culture

07 February 2020

Health boards across Scotland have appointed Whistleblowing Champions to help create a more honest and open workplace culture within the NHS.

The role aims to build on support already in place for whistleblowers, with a total of 19 appointments made by Health Secretary Jane Freeman.

The introduction of the roles form part of a wider package of measures to further strengthen and enhance the current policy in place in NHS Scotland. 

Other measures include the introduction of legislation to allow the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to take on the role of the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer for NHS Scotland, which will go live this summer.

There will also be a review of workforce policies, including the Whistleblowing policy, to ensure that they are person centred, and applied consistently across all Health Boards.

Jane said that she was delighted that 19 out of Scotland’s 22 health boards now have a Whistleblowing Champion in place, with a further appointment round taking place shortly for the remaining three health boards.

She added: ‘The NHS in Scotland does a fantastic job of looking after patients but it is just as important that NHS staff experience the care and respect they show to others. I am confident that these appointments will help create a better working environment for all.’

Image credit | Shutterstock