Wales: six ways to stop suicide among young people

07 February 2020

Public Health Wales (PHW) has highlighted six key ways to prevent deaths by suicide among children and young people.

A review examined all 33 suicides of 10- to 18-year-olds between 2013 and 2017.

Although a single cause is rarely to blame, reducing adverse childhood experiences, preventing alcohol and substance misuse, and improving education and training opportunities were identified as targets for preventing more tragedies.

The review also recommended self-harm management, better information sharing, and better knowledge and awareness of self-harm and other risk factors.

Professor Ann John, national lead for suicide and self-harm prevention at PHW, said: ‘Suicide is not inevitable and we all have a part to play in the prevention of further deaths.

‘We need to be tackling issues such as alcohol and substance misuse in young people and making sure young people who are abused, sexually assaulted or bereaved are able to access the talking therapies that we know can support them.’

Image credit | iStock