Wales: awareness of ACEs is strong – but not the confidence to help

07 February 2020

Public sector workers have a good awareness of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and can identify opportunities for improvement, a Public Health Wales (PHW) survey has shown.

But only 36% feel confident in preventing ACEs within their role.

The survey, based on the responses of 3033 people, shows that 75% of workers have good awareness of ACEs. Respondents from youth services, housing and education were most comfortable in their role to mitigate and prevent ACEs, whereas those within sport, fire and rescue and the Welsh Government were least confident.

36% of public sector staff feel confident in preventing ACEs

Genevieve Riley of PHW said: ‘The survey is very positive news regarding awareness of ACEs in the Welsh public sector. But it has also identified a number of potential areas to focus on to further support the workforce.’