Now it’s two not three injections for pneumococcal vaccination

07 February 2020

Babies will have two rather than three injections to protect them against pneumococcal disease in changes to the childhood immunisation schedule.

Those born on or after 1 January this year will receive a first dose of the pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) with their other infant vaccinations at 12 weeks of age, and a booster dose of this vaccine on or after turning one. This is instead of doses of PCV at eight and 16 weeks, and a booster dose at one year old.

The new schedule applied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from January. It wil happen later in Scotland.

High uptake of PCV has resulted in very few cases of pneumococcal disease. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation agreed that a single dose of vaccine in infancy and a booster dose around the first birthday should continue to provide good protection for children and the community. 

Image credit | Science photo library