England: student nurses to receive grant of at least £5000 a year

07 February 2020

All nursing and midwifery students on courses from September 2020 are to receive a payment of at least £5000 a year towards living costs which they will not need to pay back.

The Conservative Government, which scrapped the NHS bursary in 2017, has not reinstated free tuition fees.

The maintenance grant will be given to all new nursing, midwifery and many allied health students 
from September 2020, and those already part-way through a degree.

Students will receive additional funding for studying specialist disciplines that struggle to recruit, as will those in areas of the country that have seen a decrease in people accepted on some courses.

There will also be an additional childcare allowance, on top of the £1000 already on offer. Some students could therefore receive up to £8000 per year.