Northern Ireland: multidisciplinary teams roll out across the regions

06 December 2019

The transformation of care at GP surgeries is stepping up with the regional roll-out of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs).

The Department of Health flagship initiative is being expanded into two new areas, bringing it to some 675,000 people in all. MDTs are now available in all five health trust areas.

MDTs bring physiotherapists, mental health specialists and social workers into GP practices, enabling them to manage ill health as well as the physical, mental and social wellbeing of communities.

The model also provides significant investment in additional nursing specialist roles such as health visiting and district nursing.

Unite health lead Kevin McAdam said he welcomed the initiative, but had ‘concerns that if these posts are being filled by existing staff from the service, it merely amounts to pulling the proverbial finger out of one hole in the dyke to block another’.

Image credit | iStock