Children can understand counting at 14 months

06 December 2019

Children can understand counting at 14 months Infants as young as 14 months understand the concept of counting before they grasp the full meaning of numbers, research has concluded.

In the Johns Hopkins University study, published in Developmental Science, 16 toddlers watched four toys being hidden in a box. Researchers either counted the toys in aloud, or said ‘This, this, this and this.’

They found toddlers who heard ‘One, two, three, four’ expected more than a single toy to be pulled from the box, suggesting the children were better at remembering when the toys were counted.

Study author Jenny Wang said it showed infants ‘have a sense that when other people are counting it is tied to the rough dimension of quantity in the world’.

The researchers say counting out loud with toddlers and introducing them to counting books could help them to understand the concept well before the pre-school years.

Image credit | iStock