Lincolnshire HVs strike for a month

07 November 2019

Lincolnshire health visitors will strike for a month over the council’s ‘divide and rule’ jobs move, which could see some lose tens of thousands of pounds over their working lives.

The deepening row continues as more than 70 HVs will strike from 18 November to 13 December, over plans that could lose them £150,000 over the duration of their careers. 

The latest strike follows the first bout of strike action, as previously reported, 32 days since July with the loss of around 450 shifts. 

Not only have HVs lost more than £2000 a year since they were transferred from the NHS, but the council now insists on different contracts for grade 9 and grade 10 HVs.

Those striking are not just the HVs, who have been denied legitimate pay rises by the council since being transferred in October 2017, but HVs on the lower grade 9 and higher grade 10.

Unite argues that as all HVs have the same community nurse qualifications their role is equivalent to a grade 10 job role – and, therefore, they should be paid the same rate for the job.

Unite regional secretary for the East Midlands, Paresh Patel, states: 'Unite will give our HVs members maximum support during the coming strike – their fight is not just for Lincolnshire, but they are in the vanguard of raising awareness of the crisis enveloping the profession across England.'

The scale of the crisis is highlighted by the fact that more than 20 HVs have left or are leaving since the dispute started in the summer. 

Unite regional officer, Steve Syson, said: 'The decision to hold a month long strike demonstrates the deepening crisis in the county’s HVs service and the adverse impact this is having on Lincolnshire families and children.

'Now is the time for the council to come to the table to resolve this dispute once and for all before the strike begins. Already the council is haemorrhaging HVs.'


Image credit | Unite the union