USA: School readiness impaired in pre-schoolers with ADHD symptoms

04 October 2019

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are less likely to be school-ready than symptomless children the same age, a study says.

Of 45 children with ADHD, 79% had impaired school readiness compared with 13% of 48 children with no symptoms in a control group.

While children with ADHD were no more likely than their peers to show impairment in cognition and general knowledge, they were more likely to struggle in social and emotional development, language development, and physical wellbeing.

Irene Loe, senior author of the study, published in Pediatrics, said: ‘Thinking about how we can provide services for young children with ADHD or who are at high risk for the diagnosis is really important.’

Image credit | iStock