Health visitors vote to strike

25 October 2019

Long running pay dispute escalates as Lincolnshire health visitors have voted to strike over county council plans to ‘divide and rule’ over future job roles.


The dispute has now escalated from the health visitors losing more than £2,000 a year since they were transferred from the NHS, to now fighting the council’s insistence on different contracts for grade 9 and grade 10. 

All health visitors have the same community nurse qualifications and workplace training, argues Unite, therefore their role is equivalent to a grade 10 job role.

Unite believes the council’s failure to properly evaluate the role of health visitors will lead to pay inequality, with those on grade 9 and old NHS contracts not being paid for their true job’s worth.

The new ballot included more than 70 Lincolnshire health visitors as the HVs on the lower grade 9 and higher grade 10 join the battle. As a result, they voted by 67% to strike. 

Unite regional officer, Steve Syson, said: ‘This dispute has now escalated due to the fact that the council has provocatively divided the health visitor role into two separate jobs.

‘We will be announcing strike dates soon, but there is now a real window of opportunity for the county council to enter into constructive talks with Unite to resolve this dispute for the benefit of the families of Lincolnshire and our members.’

If you would like to appeal to the strike fund, you can do so here.


Image credit | Unite the union


Author: Nicole Bains