Lincolnshire health visitors staging week-long strike

06 September 2019

Lincolnshire health visitors are stepping up their campaign for pay rise justice by staging a week-long strike.


The ongoing dispute between Lincolnshire health visitors and the county council is over not getting paid the rate for the job and the erosion of their professional responsibilities which could adversely impact vulnerable families.

The week-long strike will run from Monday 9 September to 13 September, this is on top of the 17 days already taken or scheduled. 

Unite has accused county bosses of failing their public duty by making no constructive efforts to resolve the issues and ‘starving’ the health visitors of legitimate pay rises.  

Unite regional officer, Steve Syson, expresses his concern of the council’s treatment of their staff, stating ‘these dedicated employees have been denied cost of living rises since October 2017, even though other council employees have received pay awards in that period.’

The latest figures from NHS Digital reveal the lowest number of health visitors in England, with numbers dropping by 30% from their peak of more than 10,000 in 2015 to about 7,100 currently.

‘These grim figures paint the real picture, which is that this service is under attack nationally and the demise in numbers will have major adverse impacts in the future for young people, who are being deserted in their hour of need’ continues Steve. 


Author: Nicole Bains

Image credit | iStock