Health visitor battle continues

19 September 2019

The campaign for pay justice continues as Lincolnshire health visitors took centre stage at the TUC Congress in Brighton. 


The ongoing dispute centres around Unite’s calculation that its Lincolnshire HVs have lost more than £2000 a year since they were transferred from the NHS to the county council in October 2017.

There is also serious concern about the erosion of the HVs’ professional standards.

Unite assistant general secretary, Gail Cartmail, explains the HVs have already taken 18 days and are now beginning a nine day run of continuous industrial action. She points out how the strike is unprecedented in the health visiting profession.

The staff received support from the TUC Congress in Brighton, as Gail highlighted the plight of the 58 HVs during the debate on local government and called for congress to show it’s solidarity.

Prior to the event, Gail said: 'I will be asking TUC congress to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Lincolnshire HVs in their struggle for pay justice and highlighting the health visitor profession’s proud history of independent advocacy.'


Author: Nicole Bains

Image credit | iStock