Denmark: Babies born to poorly educated women are more likely to die within the first year

06 September 2019

A study shows that women with less than nine years of education, or no education, have an increased risk of their child dying during the first year, with premature birth and low fetal weight explaining 55% to 60% of cases.

In Denmark, four out of every 1000 newborns die before reaching their first birthday, and socioeconomic inequality in infant mortality remains. The findings, from researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark and published in PLoS Medicine, were based on a study of almost two million children born in Denmark between 1981 and 2015.

Co-author Yongfu Yu said: ‘Even in a welfare society like Denmark, pregnant women with short-term education need more resources to address social challenges in order to improve the health of infants in general and reduce child mortality in particular.’

Image credit | iStock