USA: Limited formula use may not affect breastfeeding, say researchers

05 July 2019

‘A little formula’ in the first days of life may not impact breastfeeding at six months, researchers from the University of California have suggested.


The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found duration of breastfeeding was more dependent on breastfeeding duration goals and attitudes. Long-term feeding habits were tracked in 164 babies breastfed between one and three days old, whose weight loss had been in the 75th percentile or above for age. Half of the mothers added syringe-fed formula, while the other half breastfed exclusively.

At six months, the supplemented group was as likely to breastfeed as those who had exclusively breastfed. But by 12 months, 30% in the supplemented group were still breastfeeding, compared with 48% in the non-supplemented group.

Image credit | iStock