UK: Plain packaging call for sweets and treats

05 July 2019

All confectionary, crisps and sugary drinks should have plain packaging like tobacco, a leading think tank has urged.


A new report by the IPPR, which identifies smoking, obesity, and alcohol and substance abuse as three main contributors to preventable disease, also calls for an end to daytime TV advertising of confectionary, and for the minimum smoking age to be raised to 21. The calls are part of a raft of radical measures to help combat the ‘major risks’ of preventable disease.

Ending the blame game: the case for a new approach to public health and prevention makes the case that public authorities are also responsible for helping to avoid preventable diseases, in a shift towards a more collective approach to public health.

Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England, said: ‘[This] has potential to be part of the solution to the obesity crisis and will be explored in my formal review of childhood obesity.’

Image credit | iStock