UK: Child poverty is becoming ‘new normal’ says coalition

05 July 2019

New data published by the End Child Poverty coalition shows poverty is rising – and rising fastest in areas of deprivation.


The coalition has warned child poverty is becoming the ‘new normal’ in some areas of Britain, with more than half of children living in poverty in some places. The big cities, particularly London, Birmingham and Greater Manchester, fair worst, according to the researchers.

The End Child Poverty coalition in the UK is now calling for the major parties to outline ambitious child poverty-reduction strategies, including reforming Universal Credit and reversing cuts to services.

Anna Feuchtwang, chair of the End Child Poverty coalition, said: ‘In many areas, growing up in poverty is not the exception, it’s the rule, with more children expected to get swept up in poverty, with serious consequences for their life chances. Policy-makers can no longer deny the depth of the problem, or abandon entire areas to rising poverty.’

Image credit | iStock