Northern Ireland: Pharmacies to promote key public health messages

05 July 2019

Key advice on public health issues is now even easier to access through a new ‘Living Well’ service at community pharmacies in Northern Ireland (NI).


The programme offers interventions to reduce risk factors in disease, such as smoking, alcohol misuse and unhealthy eating, alongside targeted campaigns covering issues like obesity prevention and mental health awareness.

Launched by the Public Health Agency (PHA), the Health and Social Care Board and Community Pharmacy NI on 1 June, Living Well is being delivered by more than 500 pharmacies.

Dr Adrian Mairs, acting director of public health at the PHA, said: ‘It is estimated that around one in 10 of us visit community pharmacies every day. We want to increase patient and public knowledge and understanding of key lifestyle and public health issues, so people are empowered to take actions that will improve their health. Community pharmacies are ideally placed to enable this.’

Image credit | iStock