HVs to strike for six days

05 July 2019

Health visitors employed by Lincolnshire county council will strike for six days over pay conditions and ‘erosion of professional responsibilities’. 


As previously reported, over 50 HVs in Lincolnshire are set to strike, voted by an 84% majority. 

It is believed to be the first time that the county’s HVs will have taken strike action in defence of their pay and professional standards.

Unite calculates that its Lincolnshire HV members have lost more than £2000 a year since they were transferred from the NHS to the county council in October 2017.

A 48-hour stoppage will start on 15 July, with 24-hour strikes on 19 and 22 July. This will be followed by a 48-hour strike on 25 July.

Unite regional officer, Steve Syson, explains that the demise in numbers means the remaining HVs are left with excessive caseloads and serious safeguarding cases.

He continues: ‘Our members are very reluctant to strike as they know the impact it will have on Lincolnshire’s families, many of them in vulnerable circumstances.

‘At a time when there is the lowest number of HVs in England since September 2012, it is outrageous that the council seems determined to freeze the incomes of HVs and undermine their professional standards.”

Author: Nicole Bains


Image credit | iStock